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You Can Make Your BPD Relationships Better. Keep Reading To Find Out How.

"... The amazing thing, of course, is the speed at which this course works. It is rather remarkable to see how fast my BPD relationship improved after just the first weekend..."

Mark, 37

Dear Fellow Truth-Seeker,

The "experts" say that BPD relationships are impossible, and you should run for the hills whenever you encounter one.

Well, they're wrong.

Because how are you supposed to "run for the hills" when you're 6+ years into a relationship without even knowing what the hell BPD is?

This is why I scoff at the same, tired "advice" about fleeing from Borderlines because they're "terrible people who should be left to die alone" (actual quote I read on Reddit).

Is it any surprise at all that the only "advice" you ever read or hear about is from people who have already failed in their BPD relationship?

Of course not.

The people who are actually succeeding in their relationships don't run around telling people how to achieve the same success -- they are too busy enjoying their lives.

Instead, all you hear about is how "hard" BPD relationships can be (and that's true).

You always hear about how Borderlines will cheat on you and leave you in the dust (also true).

They'll lie to your face, love you one day and hate you the next (again, this is true).

So why the hell should you waste your time trying to date someone with BPD?

Because everything I mentioned above happens in all relationships, whether someone has BPD or not.

To think that all these negatives only happen in BPD relationships is foolish.

And, just like with any normal relationship, these things will not happen when you do things right and the relationship is healthy.

"so incredibly helpful"

"Out of all the research I've done, your site has been so incredibly helpful. You really seem to understand what people with BPD are going through and how to help.

When I went through your BPD relationship program, it honestly feels like you're writing specifically about my problem. I'm learning a lot from you and I really appreciate that you've done this!"

- Nikki, 28

Let me give you another truth:

When a BPD relationship is going well, you get all of the good things that come with a relationship.

The love, the affection, the sex, the joy and happiness, and so on.

It's really important that you realize this truth before you leave this page and go back to reading about how bad BPD relationships are. All you're doing is confirming your confirmation bias.

I'm here to tell you that BPD relationships can be just as healthy and fulfilling as any "normal" relationship out there.

Don't believe me? That's fine. You don't have to take my word for it. I have a page with hundreds of testimonials from men and women who have put my work to the test.

You can believe their words over mine if you want. Or, you can tell me to shove it and be on your way.

Whatever you decide is fine with me. I've been teaching this stuff for almost 10 years now and I'll continue teaching it whether you stick around or not.

If you're frustrated that no matter what you do for your partner the relationship only seems to get worse...

If you're dismayed by all the lies and deceit your partner throws at you on the daily, and you want to know powerful principles to finally reduce the lies to a minimum...

If you're uneasy about the future of the relationship and how it could completely ruin you if it were to end tomorrow...

If you're fed up with all the other advice you read online and the "experts" who keep saying how these BPD relationships are impossible to sustain...

If you're determined to work at your relationship a little bit more and try something new...

And if you want time-tested, relevant, correct guidelines on how to properly approach a BPD relationship so that they can consistently be fun and healthy...

If you've experienced any or all of these things, then my Better BPD Relationships course is made for you.

"Everything you know about BPD is spot on."

"I just stumbled upon your BPD program. I am a BPD woman and would like to just say ‘thank you’, graciously, for giving us disordered people a little bit of positive recognition for a change.

I read sooooo much hate about our condition online, so much negative, so much ‘run like hell and don’t look back’ regarding BPD women…it’s so sad. I never asked to be abused, neglected, sexually abused, and abandoned as a young girl.

Everything you know about BPD is spot on. Thank you again."

- Shannon 42, woman with bpd

Here's a list of various lessons you'll learn in my "Better BPD Relationships" program:

  • The TRUTH about love and why so many people get this wrong. (This little-known fact can change your entire outlook on your relationship)
  • Why people who have BPD really aren't that different from you and me. (And why you must change the way you see your partner).
  • Exactly why the mainstream relationship & dating industry is scamming you for your hard-earned money. (I've known many of these "experts" over the years and they're nothing but talk)
  • The REAL way to unlock your full potential and get what you want in your relationship. (I'll teach you how to dive DEEP into yourself which unlocks your full power - and you better believe that this is incredibly attractive!)
  • Why most people NEVER get back the love they try so hard to give. (This common habit is one of the worst! Yet almost everybody does it...)
  • What you must do to actually be DIFFERENT in a DESIRABLE way that keeps your partner connected to you forever. (This one shift in thinking is what brought me much of my relationship success to this day)
  • How to STOP WALKING ON EGGSHELLS and crush your fears once and for all. (There is a much deeper problem here at work and I'll teach you how to handle it)
  • How to program your subconscious so that it works at accomplishing all of your goals. (You might wonder how this could help your relationship. You'll learn how VITAL goals are to the success of your BPD relationship)
  • The #1 attribute women REALLY want in a man. (This one reason is why so many men struggle in their relationships)
  • Why I don't have the trouble of dating Borderlines in this day and age. (It's true, and you will learn exactly what my mindset is that allows me to achieve this success with "crazy" women)
  • Why your partner pushes you away when you try to show him/her your love. (and what you should be doing instead).
  • How you can actually move the relationship forward beyond the Honeymoon Period. (you’ll learn why a Borderline fears love and closeness – and what to do about this).
  • Why those who try to be the hero often end up getting ZERO. (This is one of my favorite lessons and it’s one of the most important lessons you’ll learn in the entire book)
  • Most people place too much weight on words. As a result, they don’t get the commitment they expect. (Here’s what you should be doing instead.)
  • What to do when your partner is giving you the silent treatment, is ignoring your calls or texts, and basically treating you like garbage. (it’s counter-intuitive, but my method works when you put it into action).
  • Borderlines are very emotional individuals. As a result, you often fall into this common trap which only makes you look worse.
  • A brand new Question & Answer section and audio where I discuss common topics such as gaslighting, hot/cold behavior, rejection, rage and so on. (I also recorded a 45-minute bonus audio discussing even more questions!)
  • Why these new changes will bring about a change in your relationship. (and what to do if your partner reacts to you in a negative way).
  • Many women have this same, common experience when dating males with BPD. (When you continue to do this, you often hurt yourself more in the end.)
  • Why do Codependents often end up dating a Borderline? You’ll learn why.
  • Your world view of relationships most likely differs from your partner. (You'll learn how Borderline's look at the world -- and it's much different than you.)
  • The "new rules" of what it takes to have a healthy, fulfilling relationship with a Borderline. (6 rules to be exact)
  • Why dating & relationships in our current society is much more complex and confusing than it used to be. (And this goes way beyond personality disorders.)
  • Our society and the media are constantly at work to brainwash you and keep you from improving. You'll learn why in the new update. (It has to do with money, like always.)
  • Why being kind and "nice" usually makes things worse and what you should do instead. (and what you should be doing instead that causes gut attraction & desire for you in lustful ways...)
  • The #1 key to relationship success with a Borderline has nothing to do with treatment or therapy or whatever. (Again, this goes against everything else out there that the "experts" think is correct.)
  • Why being stable, understanding, available and sensitive does nothing for the growth of the relationship. (More shattering of the common relationship "facts" that you've been told all your life.)
  • One of my favorite quotes that can change the course of your relationships. (I love inspirational quotes, but this one is a real mind-bender.)
  • How to make your partner work for you and earn your love. (Get this right and you'll never have to worry about your partner leaving you).
  • The truth about attraction and why most people (especially men) can't seem to hold on to it.
  • How to communicate verbally and non-verbally so that your partner takes you seriously. (Your partner will realize that you're the best they'll ever have.)
  • You'll learn what most men do that results in his partner pushing him away and losing complete interest.
  • Why many women can't seem to get commitment from their Borderline male partner. (If you overlook this, you'll always end up hurt.)
  • Why you must ignore what your partner says she wants, and instead give her what she needs. (This program will give you these answers.)
  • And a whole lotta' more...

"Your BPD program has been a HUGE help"

"I’ve read the book cover to cover 6x now. Your BPD program has been a HUGE help. After exhaustive research and trying the validation and tip-toeing around…that shit doesn’t work… it just makes you feel and appear weak as hell.

Then I stumbled onto your course and system. I thought hell, it can’t hurt. I’ve done most everything wrong and been a freakin’ butler for the last 6 months because I was fearful of losing her. In the mean time I’ve been stripped of any power, self-worth, self respect and anything else related to self.

Your BPD program has helped me tremendously! Thank you so much!"

- Lisa, 53

Here's What You'll Get Immediate Access To When You Purchase Today:

Component #1

The Main Better BPD Relationships eBook

This is the full, written PDF ebook where I give you the goods - 18 sections and appendices of what actually works and what does not work in BPD relationships.

In this book, you'll learn both the why and the how when it comes to BPD relationships.

My goal is to cover as much as possible about Borderline Personality Disorder and how to have an intimate relationship with these individuals.

Relationships in our social media crazed world are getting crazier and crazier by the minute. You are not alone in your struggles and this book will drastically help you improve your relationship

You are NOT getting anything outdated or irrelevant, which is the biggest problem with the BPD information you read online.

Component #2

12 hours of MP3 audio tracks (one for each section)

It's not just an ebook you're getting here. I took things to a whole new level...

You get 12 hours of audio training. These audios are essential as I deep dive into each section of the book.

While you'll be getting more than enough information and training in the book, the audios are for those of you who want to really take your knowledge about BPD to the next level.

Component #3

3 Additional Q&A Recordings (over 4 hours)

As if the 12 hours of audio wasn't enough, I know you'll have a LOT of questions for me after you complete the program.

I've been coaching men and women over email for years.

These audios are all about answering the most common questions I receive.

While it's perfectly okay for you to email me, I highly recommend you listen to these Question & Answer audios to further your knowledge.

Component #4

Relationship Mindsets & Values Training Audio (originally recorded for my private coaching students)

The biggest issue people face in relationships are their own selves.

This is your values, your beliefs, your mindsets - the way you see the world. Your "dream" of life as I say.

Unfortunately, most people live in a fantasy. They're never happy because they're constantly seeking happiness...

Remember this powerful lesson: seeking happiness is impossible because happiness is not a destination.

This audio will give you the right mindsets & beliefs that will change the way you view relationships - which is what will make you succeed.

This audio is over 80 minutes long. It's some of my best training material presented in a fast n' dirty "crash course." Get out your journal and prepare to take notes.

Component #5

"Toxicity: Living a Life of Quality & Purpose" eBook

toxicitybookToxicity is the first major book I wrote back in 2013. It is no longer for sale anywhere. The only way to get it is through this program.

It's a look at both the "macro" and "micro" of creating a great lifestyle for yourself (which creates great relationships).

You cannot have a strong, solid relationship without strong, solid foundations.

Though it's a few years old now, this book is still powerful in helping you design the lifestyle that attracts quality individuals into your life.

You will definitely become much more evolved and efficient at life by going through this book.

Component #6

Free Email Consulting ($97 Value)

The fact that you're here thinking about buying my course means a lot to me. It's your hard-earned dollars that puts food on my table.

And for that fact, I work extremely hard at giving back to YOU. I go the extra mile for people who put their faith in me and my programs.

With that said, when you buy Better BPD Relationships today, you will also get access to my coaching email address.

This is where you can write in to me and explain your unique relationship situation and any questions (about anything) that you ponder.

We'll have our own, private pow-wow session if you want to call it that. Digital campfire and everything where it's just me and you, sitting by the fire, talking BPD and anything else on your mind.

How does that sound to you? I bring the marshmallows, you bring the cigars. Let's talk and get you the answers that you seek, partner.

Please Only Purchase "Better BPD Relationships" If You're Willing To Put In The Work

I've been selling this course for several years. I update it a couple times per year to keep it fresh and relevant.

You can read some of the testimonials I've gotten over the years on this page or on my website to see that this course is the real deal.

But, this isn't some "get your ex back in 24 hours" course. If that's what you want, then I suggest you leave and buy from someone else who's selling that blatant lie.

What you'll learn in my course is exactly what has helped me over the years to become the type of person that can successfully date someone with BPD without any drama or fights or arguments (except when it comes to what we want for dinner).

My current girlfriend is a diagnosed Borderline and we have been together for over a year now.

Zero fights, zero drama. The sex is better now than it was at the beginning of the so-called honeymoon period.

What you'll learn in this course will probably help you IF you have the patience, and IF you aren't a lazy bum who's allergic to improvement over a period of time.

"Better BPD Relationships" is priced at $29 because I want every man and woman to have easy access to my flagship program.

I used to offer this program for $99 back in the day, but I've since lowered it for the general masses because these days I truly want to help as many people as possible in this crazy world we live in.

Here's What You're Getting

  • The main "Better BPD Relationships" eBook featuring the most advanced, relevant, up-to-date BPD relationship training in the world.
  • 12 hours of MP3 audio tracks that deep dives into each section of the book.
  • Three additional Q&A podcast recordings (almost 4 hours total)
  • Relationship Mindsets & Values course (80-minute audio mp3)
  • Toxicity ebook: Get The Love, Sex and Lifestyle You've Always Desired
  • Email me and get your personal questions answered (details in the book)
  • Free Updates for life featuring new content, new sections, new lessons, new techniques and more
Add To Cart

If you look at all the reviews I've posted on this page, you'll see that they're from both men and women.

This is because my BPD course works for everybody. It doesn't matter whether you're gay or straight or whatever. These are universal lessons.

Plus, you get access to my personal coaching email address.

Some people buy this course just so they can pick my brain and get personal coaching with their relationship. That's cool!

Again, if you're expecting overnight results, this course isn't for you (and no course on the planet will give you that).

I enjoy working with people who are in this for the long haul. Meaning you're willing to put in the work to make your relationships better for years to come.

As you'll learn in the course, people with BPD won't stick around with someone who is not in control of their own destiny.

This is one of the most important lessons you'll ever learn, and nobody else even scratches the surface when they talk about this.

I'm always an email away to help you with whatever road blocks you run into.

Use the blue button below to get the course when you're ready.

Only $29

I'm Ready To Buy

- Rick

Check Out These Real Success Stories From Men & Women Who Purchased This Course:

"I can't thank you enough for this course"

"Hey Rick, I can’t thank you enough for this course. Your BPD course is off the charts — fantastic.

I got sucked in to the looks, fun times and sex. She took me for the roller coaster ride of a lifetime. I was her best friend, lover, great man etc. I was broken-hearted and devastated. Your program and understanding what really went wrong is the only thing that helped... I can't thank you enough."

- Bruce, 47

"Much better then the stuff I read online"

"You give more insight into the mind of the borderline disordered individual, and what drives them than anybody else I've seen.

Just finished reading through Better BPD relationships. There is actually a compassionate side that endeared more to me. Your book points that out much better then the stuff I read online!"

- Richard 43

"DBT therapy does jack shit!"

"DBT therapy does jack shit! I did it for 2 years and it did nothing for me. So, I took myself off ALL medication (with the doctors help, I don’t need more issues in my head through doing it the wrong way), and the only difference in that is I can think and feel a bit more than on medication, instead of walking around like a zombie.

I will say I am sick of the false portrayal on ill informed websites about what exactly is BPD … your BPD course I am pleasantly surprised about which is nice!"

- Samantha 35, woman with BPD

"Best I've read out there in a long time."

I bought your Better BPD Relationships course and just want to let you know it is the best I've read out there in a long time. For past 2 years, I've been on the web trying to find literature just to help me understand all this mess. Now I know exactly what I need to do without question. Thank you so much!

- Sam, 32

"Changed the way I think about things entirely!"

I came across your website while researching BPD and its changed the way I think about things entirely! She had such a good way of convincing me that I was the problem. I now realize that I was contributing by the way I was reacting to her behavior.

I bought Better BPD Relationships and have listened to the audio training multiple times. Thank you so much!

- Matt, 38

"Real success with my wife!"

Thanks Rick for taking the time and effort to help me out. This is support that’s unheard of. I appreciate all of your help. I sincerely do.

I’m 51 years old and you’re the first person that’s ever been able to give me real success with my wife! Thank you for everything!

- Barry
59, Male

"Cannot believe how quickly things changed!"

$89 for your BPD program beats $100+ for every psych visit. Sure, there are still some things I need to resolve (Daddy issues, doesn’t everyone have them?) with the psych...

But I cannot believe how quickly things changed once I got your concept, how much better I felt instantly, and how you’ve given me a sudden new lease of life, enthusiasm and excitement for getting my own shit together.

I did not think that some affordable BPD program off the internet would do that. You have pretty much single handedly changed my outlook from depressed, sad, hurt, lonely to get a grip, get over it and work on making me the best I can be – happy, interesting, easy going and with my shit together. Thanks again.

- Sean
47, Male

"Got my ex girlfriend back!"

I love the BPD course for whenever I'm feeling down or unsure... I listen to an audio track or read a few things and it always gets my head back in the right mindset.

I'm being a high quality individual and girls that I actually think are cool & attractive are all over me, hitting me up, asking me to hang out, etc. (I even got my ex girlfriend back).

But the biggest thing it's not even about girls any more :) I don't care about them I just want to focus on myself lol!

- Allen
39, Male

"Thank you SO much for saving my sanity"

Rick, Good God, I thought I was going nuts! I thought you were listening in to all my conversations and all my texts bombing with the woman I thought was a soul mate (no such thing). Everything you described in Better BPD Relationships is spot on accurate. Not ONE thing differed from my experiences! Thank you SO much for saving my sanity. I really did believe it was all me.

- Todd
26, Male

"3 ex's wanting me back"

Hi Rick, I've done what you've said to do about concentrating on ME.  I've applied to Uni to chase the career I want.  I've applied for a dream job on promotion that I want.  I have 3 ex's wanting me back and am going to meet up with one this weekend.

- Shannon
36, Woman

"Rick tells it like it is..."

Rick is dead on with the intricacies of dating someone with BPD. He tells it like it is.

If your looking to grow stronger as a man, get your balls back and learn how to handle your self around this type and (any girl for that matter), then this is the program for you. Listen to everything he gives you as it's killer material.

If you want to have a satisfying relationship, Rick takes the time to address any and all questions you may have and makes sure it hits home for you.

- Evan
27, Male

"We're making great progress!"

I've applied what you've been teaching over the past few weeks and it's working wonders.

Your BPD home study course is awesome! My ex just started opening up to me the other day and we're making great progress! Thank you so much for the help!

- Hailey
43, Woman

"I feel more comfortable and happier with myself then I have in years..."

"I just have to tell you that you are wonderful! Thank you so much for being you. Thank you for your honest answers... I wanted to say that I'm so grateful for Better BPD Relationships because I have seen a complete shift in my thoughts and actions regarding life within the past 6 months. I feel more powerful, confident and beautiful with my own mind, body and spirit... I feel more comfortable and happier with myself then I have in years. Thank you for helping me get back my power and start living a healthy, happy, productive and joyful life... You're awesome!"

- Natalie
36, Women

"We're not horrible people! :)"

I love you Rick!! Period. Thanks for putting your BPD course out there for everyone to learn about us women with BPD. We're not horrible people! :)

- Chelsea
45, Woman with BPD

"A valuable inspirational source to come back to time and time again"

Rick, I have been going through Better BPD relationships over and over again.  I see it as a valuable inspirational source to come back to time and time again. Thank you so much man!

- Dan
38, Male

"Things are so clear"

Things are so clear since I've been going through your BPD relationship program. I'm so thankful for effort to help people can't say this enough. Never stop doing what you're doing.

- Dave
52, Male

"It has been helpful for me"

My name is Ana I wanted to thank you for your website and blog and your programs. I appreciate your work and dedication. It has been helpful for me so far.

- Anna
39, Woman

"Advice is so spot on"

Your advice is so spot on I catch myself laughing at how blind I have been. Keep up the great work man, you're changing lives.

- Justin
30, Male

"Practical & common sense approach to life"

Keep writing because you're taking all this information and breaking it down into a very practical & commonsense approach to life. You are also bringing a lot of great insights and depth to your writing but at the same time it's very practical and I'm grateful for that ability that you have.

- Russell
47, Male

"Your articles have changed my life"

Rick, your BPD ebook and audio tracks are simply fantastic. God bless you mate for going deeper and deeper into the psyche of BPDs and understanding why they behave the way they do. I have never realized many of my BPD behaviors because they are automatic. When I read your articles I realize and now try to behave differently. Honestly, your articles have changed my life.

- Jenny
39, Woman with BPD

"I became very good at dealing with her BPD"

I have been dating a girl with BPD for about two years now. I didn’t know this at first but learned after about 4 months. We broke up for a couple of weeks and when talking with a friend he mentioned that I read up on the disorder. It was her to a T. She has is divorced and has two kids which makes her even more insecure. I have read some of your information and it has made dealing with her very helpful as you are point on. I have to say I became very good at dealing with her BPD because I am a strong confident person.

- Mike
57, Male

"Feeling really good"

It’s cool to get all these insights and to be able to recognize this stuff in other people. I am enjoying the BPD ebook and just applying everything your saying and I am feeling really good about it.

- David
42, Male

"Everyone can understand on a deeper level"

I just want to tell you how much I appreciate your BPD course... The way you put things is what people need to hear instead of the way most articles are where it seems they don’t want to rock the boat and tip toe around what actually needs to be said in a way most everyone can understand on a deeper level. I just wanted to let you know your an amazing person and keep up the good work I know your helping thousands of people.

- Dustin
33, Male

"You're invaluable to us all that are struggling!"

Your BPD and Codependent courses are brilliant - it's solid advice based on experience that works. I'll apply everything I've learned from you in the future. Keep up your amazing work - you're invaluable to us all that are struggling!

- Sylvia
55, Female

"Great insights into personalities"

I've been reading your material for a few weeks now. And I want to say that you are very much into to what is going on up there. You have great insights into personalities and how to relate to them. You have taught me more in a few weeks and I have learned in a few months learning about borderline and other personalities. Thank you so much for what you're writing and please keep up the good work.

- Russ
44, Male

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