Client Shares His Success With A BPD Women

dating bpd women with no drama

The internet is flooded with stories about the impossibility of having relationships with BPD women.

However, time and time again my clients prove otherwise.

Having a healthy, intimate, drama-free relationship with a borderline isn’t an impossiblity — in fact, it can be quite simple when you follow my training.

The difference between my clients and everybody else out there is that I teach one very important concept:

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Is Social Media Destroying Your Relationship?

social media destroying relationships

One second… lemme take a selfie… *click* Now I BETTER get 150 likes or I’m going to cry myself to sleep! Sound familiar? Anyone who’s dated a social media obsessed guy or girl over the years can relate to how big of a factor Instagram and Snapchat and Twitter are to the relationship. What makes […]

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DBT Therapy Will Make You Bitter & Resentful

dbt therapy relationships resentful

One of the more common forms of “treatment” for BPD is in the popular DBT therapy (developed by a liberal feminist in Seattle, of course). Why do I get political about it right from the beginning? I don’t know. I like to be political, but I also understand that it’s not really a good idea […]

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How A Borderline Saved My Life

BPD Can Save Lives

I’m here in my “office” recalling my past when I dated some serious Borderline’s who really took a number on me. If you’ve been reading my stuff here for awhile now, then you know I’m not some “guru” or some self-proclaimed relationship “expert.” I’m simply a guy who has a lot of experiences with dating […]

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How To Stop Obsessing Over Your Ex Girlfriend

obsessing over my ex girlfriend

I got a great email from a reader who has been obsessing with his ex girlfriend. He has worked hard to get over her, and finally came to the conclusion that he is suffering from Emotional Addiction. In other words, he’s addiction to the highs & lows of his ex girlfriend. She has absolute power […]

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