Why Does My Girl Keep Pushing Me Away?

by Rick on 04/10/2012 · 3 comments

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If you’re currently dating a girl that keeps pushing you away, then I hope that I can give you some pointers to help you get your relationship back on track and in the direction that you wish it to be with this post.

One of the common situations that arise in these types of relationships is the push/pull. Both guys and girls tend to do it at times in relationships and it always leaves the other person wondering what the heck went wrong.

Girl Keeps Pushing Me Away

There is a new project working on that is entirely about investment and how important it is when it comes to life, not just relationships, and I can’t even begin to cover it in this post.

The important thing to understand is that when you’re dating a person that tends to push you away over and over again, it usually has to do with the fact that you’re investing more into the relationship than your girl.

Most men in these types of relationships are either inexperienced with dating highly emotional (crazy) women and simply don’t understand the idea of investment. And other times, men simply never learn and they keep doing the same mistakes over and over and over again.

If you’re hard headed, then you need to stop being so and start learning from your past. I hate working with hard headed guys because they’re so damn hard to work with! I tell them what to do over and over again and yet they continue to do their same old shit.

So if girls consistently call you an asshole or a douche, then this isn’t a coincidence and she’s not trying to be funny – you are a jerk and you need to get your shit together and fast.

I’m going to assume that you’re a good guy reading this and that you’re genuinely trying the best you can to make your girl happy – I’ve been in your position as I’ve dated many women that seem to enjoy pushing guys away. Plus, I know girls that do this and I’ve been able to pin-point the cause.

Women will usually push a guy away when he starts to get too close.

Now that shouldn’t be a major shocker to anyone, but the problem with this is that you get all caught up in your emotions and you forget to look past the fog covering your eyes.

This used to happen to me all the time a few years back because I was insanely attracted to crazy, highly emotional women. They were drawn to me and I to them because we basically fed off of each other’s insecurities (and well, I am still attracted to these women because the pluses outweigh the minuses when you learn how to date these women).

While the relationships would always work out early on during the fun, intense honeymoon periods of a few weeks to a month or so, things would go downhill fast once we started getting close.

All of the red flags would be there, yet I would let us get close only to be pushed away at the most unlikely times ever – like the next morning after a night of great sex. It never made sense to me and always had me scratching my head while I went home.

Maybe you can relate – you have a great night out with your girl, you get back to your place or her place and have a great night, and the next thing you know she’s kicking you out the next day or simply ignoring any calls or texts for the next 3 days… and possibly sleeping with another guy during all of this!

Yep, this is actually extremely common with highly emotional and unstable girls and it is literally a completely different dating game.

How To Date Highly Unstable Women

If you’ve only dated moderately emotional and stable women, a wild unstable girl will drive you off the wall. You will have no clue as to what the fuck just happened because shit will flip so fast and you’ll have no experience in your belt to deal with it.

So why the heck would somebody want to date a girl that is highly emotional, unstable and constantly pulling away and bringing you back? It usually comes down to a few select reasons…

1) These women are usually extremely good looking.

2) They are incredibly fun to hang out with when they like you.

3) They are great in bed.

In my opinion, these are three very solid reasons to hang out with a girl that you may deem crazy. This may even be a borderline relationship.

Either way, while there are many downsides to this type of relationship if you’re inexperienced, they can be incredibly fun if you know how to date this type of woman.

And the truth is that not many men know how…

The men that are usually dating these women are most likely just as unstable and highly unreliable. In other words, these men are usually just as crazy and do all the pushing away.

The emotions in these relationships are usually so intense that the women become addicted to them. They will fight constantly but the girl continues to chase the guy because he’s always on the verge of leaving her.

In other words, it’s an unhealthy, toxic relationship and they don’t normally end well. If they end up married, I would always bet my money that they end up divorced.

Usually they end up breaking up after a month or two. Relationships between crazy men and women never last too long. They hook up very early on but they end early as well.

The other type of relationship is where a guy that is fun and enjoyable but highly emotional and accommodating. These relationships always start out well because their emotions feed off of each other in the beginning.

However, down the road after a month or so, the guy becomes WAY more invested in the girl than she is in him and it ends up badly for the guy – he usually starts talking about a relationship and the push/pull cycle begins. This is the majority of these types of relationships and they also usually don’t work out.

It Is All About Relationship Investment

Now unless you’re dealing with a girl that has BPD, women usually break out of this highly emotional phase in their late 20′s. But if you’re in your mid 20′s like I am and enjoy dating attractive women, then you need to know how to date these women.

Like I said early, the first step is to simply stop investing so much of your life into your girl. If she’s constantly pushing you away and pulling you back, this is exactly why! You’re simply doing too much for her too often. You need to back off a bit and let her chase you for a bit.

This is easily the most important concept to learn when it comes to dating a girl that’s pushing you away. When they push you away, don’t immediately jump back into her life when she comes calling you up or texting you late at night.

You need to understand that the more you invest in a woman, the less she will invest in you. This is an incredibly important concept that took me a few years and several failed relationships to understand, but it is the most important concept for dating women.


The Successful BPD Relationship is my new book and audio CD about and learning the mindsets and changing your behavior in order to successfully have a relationship with a BPD. It’s simply all of knowledge and advice packed into one package that you can download onto your computer right now.

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So take this information and apply it to your current relationship and I promise that you’ll get her wanting you more than she ever has before. You can thank me when she’s texting you late at night wanting to come over and jump your bones :)

-Rick Reynolds

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Terserah May 5, 2012 at 6:57 am

Guys,It’s really not hard to pick up girls. You just need to edcatue yourself and luckily, there’s some sick guides out there.


Rick May 6, 2012 at 3:44 pm

Yes, it is all about education. But this website isn’t about picking up girls. All of the so-called PUA’s out there are virgins and never get laid. I repeat: pick up artists NEVER get laid. They are laughed at by women. No one wants to sleep with a try-hard and if you’re into PUA material, you are a try-hard.

So guy: avoid PUA material and don’t waste your money! It will NOT help you do better with women. In fact, PUA material will make you much, much worse in the long run because it poisons your mindsets.


malmn March 7, 2013 at 7:30 am

“How To Date Highly Unstable Women”

Who in their right mind wants to do that?
I went out with an insanely hot chick (I mean really hot) with BPD and I learned that it’s just not worth it.
I got her using all the techniques described on this site.
I kept her for 9 months using all the suggestions and adivce offered here.
It’s still not worth it.
Let these crazy bitches rot and find yourself a normal girl.
You’ll be much better off and much, much happier. :)
Trust me, your internet guardian angel. :)


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