Rick Reynolds Presents: THE BPD SUCCESS PROGRAM

BPD Success Program

You want answers. I don’t blame you.

You probably entered your relationship thinking you met the greatest person on earth… until things went down hill fast. It’s like one moment the relationship is great, the next it sucks.

You eventually learned that you’re dating someone with Borderline Personality Disorder. Lots of confusion, hot and cold behavior, constantly changing the way he or she feels, very distant at times.

Almost everybody experiences the ups and downs when dating BPD’s just like you have. YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

It’s a rollercoaster ride that you’re all too familiar with at this point – which is why you ended up here.

But fear not for you have come to the right place :)

…Hard To Believe How Simple These Relationships Can Be…

“It’s hard to believe how simple these relationships can be once you man up and learn to be emotionally strong not just for your girl but for yourself. I’m replying back to you as I watch my girl sleep in my bed where she says she feels the most secure. It took us over a year and a half to get back to trusting each other. Your book makes perfect sense for all relationships. I look forward to your new book.” - Andy

I have written this brand new book that will help you be a stronger, more respectful, happier individual and your partner will love and respect you in return (hence drastically reducing BPD behavior). You’ll gain new beliefs, stronger mindsets and a much better knowledge about these relationships.

99% of the BPD advice on the internet is crap – hence why I took things into my own hands. These relationships go much deeper than just learning DBT…

But Don’t Take My Word For It – See For Yourself:

These are 100% REAL reviews from buyers of both the BPD book and the audio program (over 1,000 sold!)

…You’re The First Person That’s Ever Been Able To Give Me Real Success With My Wife!

“Thanks Rick for taking the time and effort to help me out with extremely detailed emails. This is support that’s unheard of. I appreciate all of your help. I sincerely do. I’m 51 years old and you’re the first person that’s ever been able to give me real success with my wife! Thank you for everything!” – Barry

…Insight Into The Mind Of The Borderline…

“Just finished the new BPD book. What I liked more about this edition is that it combines the elements of success in Toxicity with some of the old school ideas and pointers in the original BPD book. You give more insight into the mind of the borderline disordered individual, and what drives them. There is actually a compassionate side that endeared more to me. The online boards are a good way of helping a person cope with the turmoil, and presenting a place where one can vent and relate. However, the boards tend to be so one sided, and make the BPD person out to be highly manipulative and conniving. I don’t think that does a NON any good, as we need to hold ourselves accountable as well. Once we better understand how and why the BPD acts the way they do, then we can try to relate on a more indiscriminate level. Your book points that out much better then the stuff I read online.” – R. S.

Straightforward, Cool, Logical.

“Just downloaded and read your e-book on Successful BPD relationships.  Wow, I needed this years ago.  Straightforward, cool, logical.  I have survived over 10 years with my BPD wife, but could have avoided a lot of bad junk if your outline had been available sooner.  The Walking on Eggshells stuff sounds liberally logical on paper, but doesn’t do anything other than encourage most BPD behaviors.  My wife is the most exciting, beautiful woman I’ve ever met, but she does deserve a man with some balls.  I will apply some new, cold boundaries and let you know how, and how soon, it works out.” - Jason

Email From A Woman With BPD.

“I did DBT for 2 years and I agree it does jack shit. I took myself off ALL medication (with the doctors help, I don’t need more issues in my head through doing it the wrong way), and the only difference in that is I can think and feel a bit more than on medication, instead of walking around like a zombie. I will say I am sick of the false portrayal on ill informed websites about what exactly is BPD … this site I am pleasantly surprised about which is nice!” - WoundedPumpkin (email from a woman with BPD)

He Tells It Like It Is.

“Rick is dead on with the intricacies of dating someone with BPD. He tells it like it is. If your looking to grow stronger as a man, get your balls back and learn how to handle your self around this type and any girl for that matter, then this is the book for you. Listen to the advice in the book and get the CD as well as it is killer material. If you want to have a satisfying relationship, Rick takes the time to address any and all questions you may have and makes sure it hits home for you.” - Evan

Your Book Has Helped Me Tremendously!

“Thank you very much. I’ve read it cover to cover 6x now. Your book has been a HUGE help. After exhaustive research and trying the validation and tip-toeing around…that shit doesn’t work… it just makes you feel and appear weak as hell. Then I stumbled onto your book and approach. I thought hell, it can’t hurt. I’ve done most everything wrong and been a freakin’ butler for the last 6 months because I was fearful of losing her. In the mean time I’ve been stripped of any power, self-worth, self respect and anything else related to self. Your book has helped me tremendously!” - Lisa

Hard To Believe How Simple These Relationships Can Be…

“It’s hard to believe how simple these relationships can be once you man up and learn to be emotionally strong not just for your girl but for yourself. I’m replying back to you as I watch my girl sleep in my bed where she says she feels the most secure. It took us over a year and a half to get back to trusting each other. Your book makes perfect sense for all relationships. I look forward to your new book.” - Andy

…Learned Much From Your Book…

“I am no longer with my BPD partner, however, but it ended 100% mutually. I have still learned much from your book that I needed to learn for myself in general, and in addition to that, I will now have a heads up in advance and the signs to look out for if I meet another BPD chick. Thanks for everything!” - J

…You Made A Difference So Far In My Life…

“Ok so I bought your book and CD and I have to tell you that so far I am having success. I did exactly what you said. She responded quicker then I imagined and was expecting… I asked her if she was done – she replied “yes I am done.” That was it with the raging and we talked for an hour and had our fun… All i have to do is follow what you teach. It’s really been that simple. I really want this to work because she is unlike any girl I’ve ever met. I am lucky to to have caught your book in time… I just wanted to let you know you made a difference so far in my life. I had no clue how to deal with her but now I do. Sorry you had to go though hell to put this book out there but I’m glad you did!” - David (it was worth all the trouble David. Thanks!)

Your CD Is Off The Charts — Fantastic!

“Hey Rick,  I can’t thank you enough for answering my email personally. Your CD is off the charts — fantastic! I got sucked in to the looks, fun times and sex – she took me for the roller coaster ride of a lifetime. I was her best friend, lover, great man, etc.  I was heart-broken and devastated when she left me. Still am. Your CD and understanding of what really went wrong is the only thing that helped. I just can’t fathom how someone can love you one minute and turn on you the next. And build the logic/animosity to stay that way. Thanks again for setting my mind straight as it has truly helped me become a much better man than I ever thought possible!” – D.

Completely Fluff Free.

“This book was very clear on the what to do and what not too do. Completely fluff free. Rick gets right to the point on how to handle these woman. A definite read for men who have lost their manhood temporary.” – Dominic

…I Urge You To Read Rick’s Book…

“I only wish I had gotten a hold of Rick or his book before I went for the ride of my life. Unknowingly, I fell in love with a BPD girl. I was 48 at the time and she lured me away from my family. She was attractive, fun to be with and sexually satisfying. Once I was legally separated and the challenge was over, the relationship went downhill fast. Arguments began out of nowhere and if you fought back she would accuse you of anger issues. You can’t win with a BPD. They are always right and any admissions of wrong on there part would tear them apart. If you want to stay in the relationship or have a good understanding to aid in the healing process, I urge you to read Rick’s book and articles on his web site. I got to the info too late to help me fix the relationship, but it is helping me to heal.” – Adam D.

Describes My Current Situation To a “T”.

“Amazing book. Describes my current situation to a “T.” It almost feels like you’re spying on me. Haha. I was totally thrown for a loop when my girl freaked out on me for no reason. I had no experience with a situation like this and was completely confused. I definitely didn’t handle correctly at first. I took a step back, got some advice from other girls, and started doing some research (which is how I found this site). I just wish I had read the ENTIRE book when I originally bought it. Out of nowhere, she called me the other night apologizing and wanted to come over. She ended up coming over, we hooked up, and things were good again. Or so I thought. I didn’t hear from her for another week until she freaked out again. That’s where it stands right now. I didn’t really react to her last episode. This time, I told myself I wasn’t going to do anything until I read the rest of your book. Now I know how I need to handle her going forward and I’m confident I will pull it off. Thanks for the advice Rick.” – Tommy

…Your Book Is Dead On For Dealing With Anyone Giving You Disrespect.

“What you describe in your book is dead on for dealing with ANY one giving you disrespect.  We have to grow a set of fucking balls, develop a “catch” mentality, develop ourselves into alpha males and, FUCK YES, be willing to walk away from a woman…any woman…that treats us disrespectfully!” - Kevin

…I Feel Empowered To Be Able To Take Care Of Any Situation…

“First off I would like to thank you for the site and the knowledge you have released to the world through the web. Since I have read the book I feel empowered to be able to take care of any situation when it arises whether it is physical, emotional, or spiritual. This book can set you free from mental and emotional ailments.” – Dave

Regardless If The BPD Is a Male or Female, Your Advice Works The Same…

“Thank you for taking the time to put your practical experiences and knowledge in a format that can be shared because it is GOLD.  Regardless if the BPD is a male or female, your advice works the same because no matter what is between your legs (or theirs) you MUST COMMAND RESPECT.  It is very hard as we all have been raised to be kind to the mentally ill, but these people need a firm hand. I suggest that anyone that wants to lecture to their BPD upon their return, that you write it all down, in great detail, and then stuff it in the shredder. Considering your predictions have been spot on, I don’t expect anything from him again for 2 more days where he will probably not be toxic but might make light conversation. Thanks a bunch.” – Rich

I Hope You Know How Much You Have Helped Me.

“You’re an inspiration and I hope every girl out there with BPD finds a great man like you to love her. I’ve recommended your site to my man, he’s very strong and confident and I’ve watched him be torn down by me more than once, but your site gives me hope that if he’s strong and I continue treatment that maybe we will have a chance. There is no other site on the net like yours and I hope you know how much you have helped me.” – Rachel

…Take Back Control Of My Relationship Overnight…

“I purchased your e-book and found it amazing.  It literally helped me take back control of my relationship overnight and understand my BPD girlfriend.  Now I am interested in your audio portion of the program.  Hopefully help me fill in the gaps.  I was wondering if there was anyway for me to purchase the audio program separately?  Thank you for making this information available.” - Hugh

The BPD Success Program Is An Educational Experience That Will Rock Your World

The process of having a serious relationship with a BPD is different from EVERY other type of relationship. There are specific mentalities and behaviors that you must learn and be aware of. Once you’ve learned what these do’s and do not’s are, these relationships can prosper.

This program originally started as a simple document of notes based on my BPD relationship experiences. After a few years, I had accumulated dozens of pages of events that happened and notes that I took.

I started this website to write about fixing relationships, and then I decided to turn my BPD diary/guide into a book. I then created a 90 minute audio package where I go much deeper into BPD relationships and what’s required of you to make them work.

BPD’s deep down want a partner that has character and is completely strong to the core – strong enough to handle these relationships. Trying to approach these relationships like any other is instant death.

In the Book + Audio CD, we are going to discuss topics such as:

1. You Are Not Crazy – Over time, people with BPD tend to make us feel like we’re the ones that are crazy. We constantly feel like we are screwing up the relationship and in response to this, we try to do things different which tend to backfire every time!

2. How A BPD Thinks – The simple fact is that people with BPD think differently than you and me. They are so full of emotional hurt and pain from past relationships and their early childhood. They are incredibly insecure and their brain operates in a different way.

3. Arguing Is Pointless – Actually, most confrontations with a BPD are pointless. They are so selfish and stubborn that you’ll never win no matter how much proof you have that they’re wrong.

4. Taking Back The Power – The main problem with these relationships is that the person with BPD tends to hold all of the power. Well, it’s not that they hold the power – it’s just that we tend to give it up to them because we FEAR that they’ll walk away and never talk to us again.

5. Keeping Your Partner Interested – I developed my own plan of action of keeping my BPD girlfriend interested in me all the time. Instead of doing what 99.9% of everyone else out there is doing, I decided to do things differently. I figured it couldn’t hurt to try something new seeing how everyone else seems to fail.

6. Self-Worth and Consistency – My entire website is dedicated to becoming a person that is full of self-respect and self-worth. These rules apply 100 times more when you’re dating a person with BPD. They deep down want somebody to look up to and follow – so be that person!

In the audio package, I go much deeper into BPD relationships and explain exactly what you need to do starting today to get yourself and your relationship on the right track to success.

Free Email Consultation and Bonus Books

When you purchase today, you’ll receive one free in-depth email consultation which I sell by themselves for $19.95 each – so you’re already getting a $20 value. I love helping out my clients and you’ll get to talk to me personally about your situation.

I have also included 3 additional bonus ebooks that you just may find useful:

1) 101 Romantic Ideas
2) How to Give a Sensual Massage
3) Guide to Great Sex

Check out the New BPD Success Program:

10+ Hours of Audio – Beginner to advanced strategies for BPD relationship success.
18 Written Training Sections – Complete guide to successfully dating BPDs. Updated regularly.
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Free Updates for Life – You’ll get access to all future updates of the book and package.

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