How Can I Stop a Break Up from Happening?

stop break up

I received a question from a member who asked me what he can do to stop a break up from happening. He told me that in the past he never could figure out what to do when he feels his partner is being distant.

Breaking up sucks and it’s definitely one of the worst feelings in the world when you’re on the receiving end of it. So what can you do to prevent this from evening happening?

For this question, it’s important to look at the bigger reasons of why your partner might be wanting to end things with you. This major event will only cause more and more pain for you if you don’t know these answers.

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Will My BPD Ex Come Back To Me? Here’s The Truth You Need To Hear

bpd ex come back

Out of all the questions I receive from my readers, asking about how to get a BPD ex back is definitely the most common question.

And I really do try to offer as much help as possible on this subject. Getting an ex back is one of those things that people have a very incorrect mindset about.

And the #1 most important thing for you to know going forward is that getting a BPD ex back is NOT about trying to ‘make things right’ and to keep chasing.

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How Can I Get My Ex Back?

get ex back

I’m NOT a fan of all those ‘get an ex back’ ebooks and lousy advice columns on the internet because they’re just full of junk advice written by people that don’t really have experience with this topic.

Seeing how I’ve gotten back together with multiple exes multiple times over the years, I feel that I owe you an explanation to how I’ve done it and how you can as well.

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7 Common Dating Mistakes and How To Fix Them

7 common dating mistakes

After a long and eventful weekend, I’m back in the ‘office’ and ready to bring you guys and girls some more dating advice – as well as what you can do to start seeing immediate results!

And by office, what I really mean is the local coffee shop. I’m fortunate enough to run a ‘lifestyle’ business that I’ve built over the years and I really think it’s had positive effects on my dating life. I’ll be discussing more of this in the future.

For now, let’s get our mindsets back on point because that’s what really matters, especially when it comes to dating for both men and women.

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Why Are BPD Relationships So Complicated?

bpd relationships complicated

BPD relationships can be very complicated. I know this firsthand as I’ve been in several failed relationships throughout my 20’s.

I know I don’t write much on BPD relationships anymore, but behind the scenes I’m still very much involved. I’m coaching and helping both non’s and BPD’s  every single day.

While I do have negative critics that pop in from time to time, 99% of the feedback I get from readers like you is that they enjoy my help and advice that I write about because I truly do believe that we’re all imperfect humans and it does us no good to judge BPD’s.

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7 Qualities Men Should Look For In Women

qualities woman

Earlier this month I talked about what women want, the qualities in men that really turn women on for the long-term.

I got some comments and emails from men that wanted to know what they should be looking for in women. And that’s what I’ll be addressing today.

There’s a lot more to women than just looks. In this day and age with all the thirst traps out there on Instagram and Facebook, it can be pretty distracting for us men.

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7 Reasons Why People Cheat In Relationships

why people cheat in relationships

Today I want to discuss the topic of why people cheat in relationships without singling out men or women.

According to this study on cheating, men still cheat more but women are starting to creep up there. Keep in mind, however, that this study is based on people that actually admit to the cheating.

If you want my opinion, I believe women cheat more than men these days because women are becoming the more powerful sex. They’re putting up with less and less bullshit today than before.

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7 Toxic Mistakes That Turn Your Partner Off

turned off

I’ve spent the last week or so finishing up The Relationship Survival Pack. It’s 4 free reports designed to help you with all sorts of relationship situations. I highly recommend you pick this up as it contains a lot of great stuff. And it’s free so it’s a no-brainer.

Today’s article is going to dive into some more toxic behaviors that turn your partner off. A lot of what I teach isn’t so much about new techniques or strategies or anything like that…

Instead of giving you more and more stuff that will overwhelm your brain, I instead like to teach people what not to do because less mistakes = happy couple.

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