Ask Rick: Will My Borderline Personality Girlfriend Ever Love Me Again?

Anonymous Asks: Will my borderline personality girlfriend ever love me again? My Answer: A short and sweet question that I will gladly give my opinion. Anyone that has ever dated someone with BPD has asked themselves this question a countless number of times. Dating these types of people with the wrong mentality can lead you down [&hellip

Ask Rick: BPD Boyfriend Didn’t Commit But I Want Him Back

Anonymous Asks: Hi Rick, I followed your advice and since my BPD guy didn’t offer any commitment, I just let it go. Unfortunately he said some nasty things to me and instead of being a ‘wall’, I blasted him and called him a no-good player. He totally dumped my butt….I am now (slowly) going on [&hellip

Ask Me Anything Anonymously!

I am now going to be taking anonymous questions from readers are various, random times. This is exciting! Because I receive so many questions, I will only leave the page open at certain times which I will announce through email. You can sign up for announcements in the side bar to the right —> [&hellip

Avoid General Dating Advice To Break Habits

It’s been about 6 weeks since my last post. While I may not be updating the site with powerful articles as often as I would like, I am still heavy at work. I’ve been working hard lately on the new BPD book and I’m currently testing out my new Coaching program. I highly encourage you to [&hellip

Better Relationships Start With Self Improvement

Today I’d like to continue the on-going series on Toxicity about why improving yourself is the first step that needs to be taken if you wish to improve the health of your relationship. In keeping with my normal teaching style, these concepts are easy to read but difficult to master just like anything worth doing. [&hellip

Similarities Between Cats and Borderline Personality Disorder

Hello everyone and welcome to Reignite The Fire! It is 2014 and it has been quite a few weeks since I have last posted an article. I’ve been both busy and lazy this past month but it’s time to end that and get back in the groove. On the table for 2014: 1) A completely [&hellip

Start Living A Life Of Quality As We Enter 2014

Merry Christmas everyone! It’s crazy to think that 2013 is already over. When you think back on this past year, do you feel that you made progress in your life and accomplished goals you set for yourself? I sure hope so. I know for me that I didn’t accomplish nearly as much as I wanted [&hellip

Signs Of A Broken Relationship and Advice On What To Do

To continue our series on Toxicity, today I’m going to talk about some signs of a broken relationship, my beliefs on why there are so many of them out there and what you can do to avoid ending up in one altogether. Divorce rates and broken relationships are at an all-time high because of the [&hellip

You’ve Got To Walk Before You Run

To continue our series dealing with toxic relationships, today I’ll be discussing an important topic today which is consistent improvement. Before you can run, you have to walk. And before you walk, you have to crawl. If you’re serious about improving the quality relationships in your life, you’re going to do a lot of crawling. [&hellip