Healthy and Fit

I just got back from the gym today and had an interesting experience that almost sent me to the floor…

I decided to do some high interval cardio while on a pre workout supplement that clearly states not to perform this level of exercise for the first few hours. My bad.

I’m going to be sharing more and more information about my personal life with my readership because I believe that an important part of learning and growing in life is to observe how experts like myself live.

There isn’t a single human being on this planet that is perfect and I’m definitely not perfect. I almost sent myself to the hospital today!

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rebound relationships

I’ve been working closely with my relationship coaching clients and a common trend among my clients is getting help with a lover from the past.

I have enough relationship experience to know that when you’re a legit, cool individual, you’re going to receive attention and re-engagement from lovers of the past. This is just the reality when you’re consistently forward-moving and improving yourself as I always suggest.

This article is about turning a rebound relationship into something more serious. The reality is that a lot of men and women aren’t on the same page with the people that we meet and hook up with.

Whether it’s a new person you’ve met or a lover from the past, chances are either you or him/her isn’t ready to get into a full-fledged relationship at this time. Maybe you’re still recovering from a relationship or the girl you just hooked up with is on the rebound.

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As someone who used to only find himself involved with dramatic, toxic women, I’ve had to deal with a lot of self-esteem issues to get to the point where I actually feel good about myself.

Toxic relationships can cause a huge affect on how you see yourself. When the person you have strong feelings for doesn’t treat you well, it makes you question who you are, how you view yourself, your attractiveness and much more.

I often remind men that women are the most POWERFUL creatures on the planet. So for you women reading this, high five.

An example is that you could be an extremely wealthy man with everything you’ve ever wanted in life.

But all it takes is that one woman that you want more than anything to reject you and all your wealth then means nothing to you simply because you can’t have what you truly desire.

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I don’t believe I’ve covered much about actual fighting in relationships. While I do talk about my experiences and how I haven’t been in a real fight with any women for over a year now, I haven’t actually dedicated an entire post to the subject.

So today’s entry is all about FIGHTING IN RELATIONSHIPS and how to actually solve problems instead of digging yourself into a deeper hole.

As I said above, I haven’t had any real fights with any of the women I’ve dated in over a year. This wasn’t always the case however as I used to get in fights with my ex BPD girlfriends all the damn time.

Fights occur when either you or your partner aren’t getting their way, your feelings are hurt, things aren’t going as planned, you’re frustrated, etc. There’s plenty of reasons why fights happen.

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It’s a beautiful Sunday, it’s a new week and I bring you a new blog post. My goal is to pump out 2-4 of these blog posts per week as I want you all to understand how serious I am about helping people.

Today’s post is going to focus on COMMITMENT and why it’s the most important factor when it comes to dating and relationships. A lot of people focus on interest levels which in my opinion is a mistake.

I’m sure you see or know certain people in your life that just seem to ‘get it’. They have healthy relationships, they never have a problem dating good people, they have the dating life you wish you could have.


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recovering bpd relationship

It’s a beautiful day and it couldn’t be a better time to get back to producing more high quality content for you. I am getting more and more questions daily about BPD relationships and it shows me that people are really searching hard for information.

I’m going to be spending more and more time educating people on BPD because I realize it’s very important to most of you. My goal is to put out at least 3 articles per week from now on so that you can follow me and stay up to date with the best information on the web.

Today I’m going to tackle how you can effectively recover quickly from a BPD break up. I have experience in both the long, depressive route and as well as now where I’m able to move on from relationships very quickly.

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I am proud to announce that I have completed the first version of my brand new BPD book titled Succeeding In BPD Relationships. Yay! High kick as Fredrik would say lol.

This is a completely new book. It is not an edited version of the old book. I wrote this entire book from scratch and I am very proud of what I produced here.

Learn More Here

It has been almost 2 years since I released the original book. I have removed the original book as I feel this new book is simply much better. I have grown a lot over the past couple of years and have become one of the best when it comes to building an attractive lifestyle.

Now while this new book does thoroughly address BPD relationships, it is also much bigger in that what you’ll learn in this book can be applied to all types of relationships for both men AND women. Not only will you have the skills to succeed in relationships, you’ll have the skills to develop a life that you’re actually proud of, a life that moves forward and accomplishes things you’ve always wanted.

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