first impressions

We’re fast approaching Thanksgiving here so it’s time to give an article which really has nothing to do with Thanksgiving. But it’s an important topic regardless and it’s different from the relationship articles I’ve been dropping lately.

I had a question about making a good first impression which I thought would be great to write about. I personally believe that first impressions matter considerably and that if you can make a great first impression, people are going to judge you accordingly.

Now on that same token, you shouldn’t really care how people judge you. Whether people like you or hate you, you should just keep on being you, do what makes you happy. But at the same time, if you wish to succeed in life, you need to know how to make a great first impression. And that’s what I want to talk about in today’s article. Onward!

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moving on

A lot of what I teach and coach here at Reignite The Fire is the ability to educate and thus change yourself so that you can fix yourself, your relationships, your life and make things more positive for you and your partner.

However, one of the truths in all of this is that change requires letting things go. Often times, it’s not about learning new things. Rather, it’s about learning to stop certain behaviors, habits, etc. that are causing issues with your success.

This article is all about when you should consider moving on from people and relationships. You can end up causing yourself much more harm staying in a relationship that simply isn’t meant to work out no matter how great things may have been at the start.

Understand that being able to let go and move on is what ultimately will make you stronger and happier. The strongest, most confident people I’ve met in my life are people that have no problem being single and alone. They enjoy the freedom to work on themselves, their careers, their lifestyle.

The key is to enjoy who you are. Enjoy yourself and being alone won’t matter. What usually happens as a benefit of being this way is that you have more people interested in you than ever before. Let’s dive in…

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drama in relationships

It’s been a busy week for me and so I’m a little late bringing you this post. I definitely want to provide you all with more than one article per week so I hope I can free up some time in the future to do this.

With the holidays approaching, it’s no better time to talk about relationship drama. From about October to around April, I notice a large uptick in the amount of relationships people get into. Call it the relationship season if you will.

Then around April or Spring time, people tend to break up. This is personally what I’ve noticed. I seem to believe it’s due to summer traveling and other vacation plans that tend to split people apart as well as the fact that it’s getting warmer and people are doing things.

Today’s article is for those of you that are dealing with drama in relationships and you want to somehow fix things and make them better. I’ve got 7 tips for you so let’s dive in!

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relationship waste of time

Relationships are not easy. Anyone that tells you otherwise is full of it. A lot of what we learn growing up and from the general advice out there just isn’t accurate – I know this all too well and it’s why I’ve spent a lot of time teaching myself all of these things here that I write about.

Today I’m bringing you a list of 10 things that I find people waste their time with when it comes to relationships. These are mindsets and mentalities that can really mess things up for you in both life and relationships, in my opinion.

Everyone has their own beliefs and their own idea of what’s right and wrong. These are simply what I’ve found throughout my experiences and coaching hundreds and hundreds of both men and women.

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relationship mindsets regrets

Throughout my many dating experiences along with coaching, training and educating thousands of men and women over the years, I’ve found that most people simply have poor, unhealthy mindsets when it comes to relationships.

I’m guilty of this as well as I used to have these fantasy, storybook love type of mindsets that I learned from my upbringing. I had to learn the hard way by going through several relationships, getting cheated on multiple times, getting dumped over and over again, etc.

So I spent a lot of time learning the right mindsets and thus has led me to my position today with this website and awesome readers like yourself that keep returning, buying my products and supporting me.

This article contains 7 relationships mindsets that I believe you’ll regret if you continue to think this way:

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crush fear build confidence

One of the most important skills to develop in life is learning how to crush your fears and master confidence making you capable of accomplishing anything on your mind.

Succeeding in relationships is entirely dependent on the way you handle yourself and a lot of this has to do with your confidence levels.

When dating someone with BPD, your confidence levels will be tested over and over again even if you’re doing really well in the relationship.

BPD’s are very good at these tests and if you’re not ready for them, you’ll begin to fear more and more and your confidence will drop.

Today’s article is all about crushing your fears and mastering confidence so no matter who you date, you’ll always be prepared for these tests and anything else thrown your way.

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successful relationships cats

You already know that relationships can be up or down, but the question is this: are your relationships consistently up or consistently down?

If you find yourself going through drama, emotional pain, confusion and more on a regular basis, then your relationship needs a complete overhaul. It’s time to go back to the drawing board and learn some new things that can make it successful.

If this sounds excellent to you, I’ve created a list of 7 things that successful relationships have in common. Read through these, think them over and think about how you can apply these to your relationships.

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